Under Annoying Renovations

Hi friends! So apparently as I was typing up the previous post yesterday, I realized that Photobucket decided to STOP allowing free 3rd party hosting, and started holding my photos to the tune of a princely ransom of $400 a year. 🙃 lol, nice try guys.

Since I don’t even have it in me to pay the WordPress $2.99 a month for a personal blog (see .wordpress.com URL up above) I sure as shit am not paying $400 a year just to host my pictures. For less, I can just pay for the professional WordPress account and just have everything done through here. 🙄

So with that, most of my blog photos are behind a paywall. I ended up finding a different host, so I have to go through each post and rehost them somewhere else and fix everything. Hey who knows, maybe I’ll even edit for clarity! Woo! Getting hot and steamy here!

So until then, you suck Photobucket. B Y E


The “I’m A Good Friend, I Swear!” Cupcakes – Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cupcakes


Once upon a time, when I had a job working with a few unpleasant people, I had the luck that a certain cupcake chain wanted to partner up with us. My supervisor told me to email a particular person and schedule a meeting with him. You see, my position was sort of like a business developer, except with none of the fun tasks of developing. Or social media. Or writing. Or web developing. Or anything I was interested in.

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I’m not really a fan of ghosting, but here I am, ghosting on my blog. Anytime I’m single, I try to rationalize my ghosting on boys by telling myself that they do it to me, so why not just stop caring, right? I mean, strangers don’t typically go out of their way to help you… right?

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Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog – Mini Nutty Dog Birthday Cake


My dog’s birthday is 4 days after mine, making us both Pisces.

Astrology is nonsense, but it’s the fun kind of nonsense, and dammit, I will believe both me and my dog are moody because of our ~*~feelings~*~. I know old religious texts mention that dogs don’t have souls, but to HELL with that blasphemy, because my dog has a soul astrologically similar to mine okay??? Clearly, we’re soulmates.
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