I’ve won an award?? — The Liebster Award!

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Guys! I’ve been nominated for an award! It’s the Liebster Award, which is given to the coolest of your blog friends. 😎😎 Let me tell you, it feels pretty awesome to be part of the Coolio Crowd.

I actually had to look up what exactly “liebster” meant. I first read it as “lie-bster” so I figured “a person who… lies much???? Is that me??? I mean lol yeah.” ok no not really.

Then once I searched through the swamps of Google, I figured out it’s actually a German word and it’s probably pronounced “leebster”.
German friends! Correct me if I’m wrong. I dont spraken ze deutch much. Or at all. Guten Tag??

I have to thank the really awesome Skill Up Skillet for nominating me for this cute not-lie based award! She’s hilariously snarky and makes video game food!!! I have to hand it to her, because crafting real life food out of video game food, especially since the medium doesn’t really care much about food (I’m looking at you, Cooking Mama) must be rather complicated. Go read her blog where she’s made fun things like Scooby Snacks, Batman Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a fucking MINECRAFT CAKE???

As mentioned by Skill Up Skillet and other blogs I’ve had to troll to research on this award, the Liebster Award is given to new or small blogs that deserve some recognition. Once somebody receives it, the award is then “paid forward” to other significant blogs! It’s sort of like a chain letter, but who doesn’t love reliving the 90s?

There’s a couple of rules, by the way:

  1. Thank the nominator.
  2. Display the Award.
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers w/ 10 new questions.
  4. Answer all of the questions.

Easy right? Who doesn’t love to gab on about their blog? I do it so often to real people you’d think I’ve adopted a puppy and I can’t shut up about it.

Skill Up Skillet asked some really fun questions~~

1. Why blogging? Why not knitting or building the Taj Mahal out of matchsticks?

Why blogging? Like the sobbing girl towards the end of Mean Girls, I have a lot of feelings that I need to express.

 photo feelings_zpsdjk9hhas.gif

But okay okay, in actuality I started a blog because it’s something that’s been on my mind for years. I think I can even go as so far back with my desires as high school, when food blogging was still kind of new and deemed as unimportant in shaping both the internet and the blogosphere.

I remember finding out about websites like Hostess with the Mostess and thinking “I can do this. I can absolutely do this.”

I put it off for years because I kept telling myself that I needed to improve all of my skills (writing, photography, baking, etc) and felt like I wasn’t good enough to put myself out there. I would make excuses such as “I don’t have a DSLR camera” or “I don’t have fancy backdrops to display my dishes” “I don’t have props” and so forth. It wasn’t until one wired night in July after I graduated from college when I was feeling sort of angry at myself that I finally motivated my own stubborn banana brain to just start the fucking blog already.

And here we are, one year later. Greatest decision I’ve made.


2. You are given one test trip in a prototype time machine. Ignoring the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff that would be used to exploit this indefinitely, where do you travel to in time and why?

Hrmmm. This is tough for me because I love history. Pick one test trip? Ack! Well, while the Edwardian Era is possibly my absolute favorite, I can’t imagine I’d greatly enjoy the food of the time. I’ve collected old recipes from back then; to put it nicely, the food sucked. Mock Turtle Soup? No thanks.
The 60s were hyper fashionable but looking at old desserts in catalogs and stuff I’ve decided that the food also seriously sucks. I mean who wants to eat Tuna Jello Salad???

I think I would choose 1920s Paris. I just want to be those fashion forward ladies who wears those feathered turbans and silk stockings while she sits outside smoking slim cigarettes, flipping through a fashion magazine while drinking an espresso with a chocolate covered madeleine.

3. What is the best thing you’ve ever bought yourself?

I haven’t actually bought myself any tools that I’ve used much in baking. I’ve been lucky enough to have inherited almost everything from my mother who gave up on baking in her early 40s.

I do have a really fun story though: The first time I ever spent my hard earned cash from waitressing I was 19 years old (yes I am a spoiled brat). I was coming home from school one weekend and stopped at a dairy farm. Inside I saw them selling goat cheese and salted caramel candies. I’ll never forget it, it cost about $19 dollars for some cheese and this tiny box of salted caramels. Swiping my debt card to make my first purchase felt so incredibly empowering.


4. Who let the dogs out?

I don’t know… this seems like a really <em>ruff</em> question to answer! ZING.

You can thank Hairy Man for his puns rubbing off on me. One day the teacher shall surpass the master. One day.


5. What is your favorite word? Why?

I’d have to say it’s probably ennui. It’s because this word has that perfect mixture of je ne sais quoi and 1990s grunge blase attitude. I mean the word means “boredom”.
Sometimes I wish my life was boring. Ai yai yai!

I discovered this word probably around the age of 10 when I read The Series of Unfortunate Events. It seemed like such a sophisticated word, and somehow it’s stuck with me.

How deliciously ’90s grunge of me to pick “boredom”.


6. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a blog?

Don’t be afraid of her personality. Just don’t. Don’t attempt to hide it behind a certain style of blogging. Be loud. Be proud! Be yourself! You love exclamation points? Use them whenever the fuck you want! You curse like a sailor? You be the best sailor the world can offer.
Also, don’t wait forever to start your blog. I spent too many years after I graduated high school telling myself that I wasn’t good enough to start a blog. My writing is too horrible, my photos suck, I am shitty, etc. It’s the stuff I constantly had bouncing to and fro in my head, reminding me that I am not and cannot be good enough.

This is wrong. You are always good enough. Always. Your skills will improve as time marches on by. I’ve made it to on year with only about 50something followers. I blame myself to barely being active, but I have taken upon myself to work harder.

But really, it’s not about the numbers. It’s about the creative expression. So start a damn fashion blog where all you do is blog about the beauty of lace and pink things. Just know who would be your audience. I’ve realized forever ago that Stay-at-home Evangelical moms probably will never be my readers. (Something to do with dick jokes and constantly cursing?? I guess that’s bad??) Just know this and accept it.

Fuck. The. Rules.

Do it hard, because rules need to be told they’re bad sometimes. πŸ˜‰


7. What do you plan to achieve by blogging?

Okay. Let’s all be true to ourselves: every baking/food blog’s end goal is to reach Published Hardcover Cookbook Nirvana.
Will I ever get there? No idea actually. I’d have to step up my game if I wanted to.

But my real secret dream goal is to be Anthony Bourdain. I feel like as women bloggers we kind of confine ourselves to this cutesy role (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with. I want to be hyper preppy and cutesy too!) and we don’t ever really allow ourselves to have the same kind of sex appeal and swagger as male celebrity chefs. I wanna have swiggity-swag too dammit. I want to be able to travel the world and eat food all day, write serious intelligent thought provoking articles and chill out getting drunk with hand-selected friends.


8. Who is your biggest role model?

Would it be cheating if I say Dominique Ansel? It’s not like I even really know much about the man or his life or anything… but his creative genius in baking new creative and clever things is just amazing. I still dream of one day eating a cronut.


9. Reach for the stars! What’s your favorite book, movie, TV series, or game with the word β€œStar” in the title?

You seriously threw me into a loop here, because I’ve barely watched/read any sci-fi and I honestly cannot even bullshit my way through a fake “Star Wars” answer because I’ve only seen the first movie. And possibly only half of it.
So I scratched around my brain and remembered back when I was 17 I read a novel titled “Ahab’s Wife, or the star-gazer”. It’s a really great book in that it takes place from the first person view of Una, the young wife of Ahab. However the opening line beings with “Ahab was not my first husband, nor was he my last.”
It’s all about her adventure as a woman roaming the land and setting herself free.
I mean, it might not be a good read, considering I read it at 17, but it’s always sat so fondly in my heart. If only I could find the damn book.


10. Convince your reader to read your 10th-most-recent post in 10 words or less.

Oh this is fun!
Saucy sticky-buns recipe that will probably get you laid.



*foodisthebestshitever –Extra special shout out to him for being one of my first mutuals and being not only incredibly hilarious but also a really great photographer and cook… and also possibly being my wordpress bestie (would you be my bestie?)
*zedbakescakes –because everything she makes is perfect and beautiful just like her
*Gnoshandknots –Has some of the coolest vegan recipes I’ve ever seen. Vegan tuna fish sandwich??? Sounds even better than the real one!
*The Little Library Cafe –I love how she bakes things from novels! She’s covered all of my favorites: The Great Gatsby, The Series of Unfortunate Events and even One Hundred Years of Solitude.
*Frugal Housefrau –For always being so nice and having such a really helpful blog. I’m such a sucker for cheap dinners.
*Cottage Grovehouse –I love how her pictures are so well laid but it seems so natural. None of it seems propped out or put together intentionally. Just somebody who has a magical kitchen!
*Ten.Times.Tea –such pretty little desserts! I just love looking at them
*The Hungry Mum –Because you are just always so super cute and super nice. Also she has SO MUCH on her blog! like you go mama!
*Butter Sugar Flowers –Everything she makes is so pretty and I just have a hard time like what??
*Elegant Pantry –I have a secret love affair for Edwardian things. Once you start showing me such lovely composed little snacks I just go nuts. History + food = Bananas in my brain. Everything she’s made is so delicate looking, I feel like she has channeled the spirits of a haunted mansion and has a ghost telling her her family secrets.

A BIG HUGE EXTRA PS AND THANK YOU TO GeoGirl Gone Gluten-Free for ALSO nominating me. I would have answered your questions as well, but I started typing this up a while ago and have just gotten around to finishing it now! But know that I love ya and thank ya for nominating me!

Now my friends, time for YOUR questions. Get your little butts ready for this.

1. What is the last non-food related picture you took with your phone. Oh and last food related picture too. We are all food bloggers here. πŸ˜‹
2. What is the most hilarious prank you have ever pulled (or as been pulled on you, nerd)? Can’t think of a prank? Then best night of shenanigans.
3. Best compliment you’ve ever received?
4. What would you NOT waffle. What would most people not waffle but you would and secretly love.
5. Your last meal before you die?
6. Do you enjoy answering questions a semi-stranger on the internet has provided for you?
7. Do you wash the triple washed salad mix even though you know it’s been washed but you don’t, like, know where it’s been?
8. What kitchen equipment are you currently lusting for? Please be sure to tell me so I can add it to my Amazon Wish List.
9. Your stance on the 5-second rule.
10. The plate of snacks is empty at this party. If you are the culprit, who was the victim?

11. Does anybody else think Anthony Bourdain is an incredibly hot older intelligent man or is that just me??

Love you all! Forever and ever. New post coming soon! πŸ’‹


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