Bloglovin’ linkin’ + more + cute smilies!


So I apparently got have like 1 follower on bloglovin’?? So ya know what? Now is the time to pass this shit around GUYS.

Follow this train wreck

And in case you guys didn’t know by my tiny links on the side, I also have a pinterest AND an instagram as a cake eating bitch. I mean what kind of self-respecting millennial would I be if I didn’t have my piddling thoughts posted all over the interwebs? How could Generation W hate on me if I didn’t??

What’s Generation W? Well, it’s the Baby Boomers! Right? I can do that like that right?? Since we’re also Generation Y?
I totally did not embarrassingly have to google the alphabet because I totally did not forget how to sing the ABCs song, OK??

I’m not exactly ready for a post and I don’t wanna leave you guys high and dry so… here’s some photos I’ve taken of food with faces drawn on them, because fuck it.

The bitter sweetness of digging into a cup Labneh Za’atar ice cream at none other than The Bent Spoon

One day my mom picked up a horned melon, and being the sheltered fool I am, I’venever tasted it. Guys if you haven’t tasted it… it tastes like a cucumber it’s awesome. She looked like a happy girl to me. 🌸🌺🐝

Some days you just have to stuff your fucking face hole with chocolate salted caramel doughnuts the size of your face from Dough. What can I say? Nothing says “yuppie” like paying over $4 for a glazed yeast ring.

Did I tell ever tell you I attended a 5K at a winery, did not run, and just ate bbq instead? I mean, shit I even got a free cup and got drunk off samples, I mean who needs to fucking run???

Our family friend came to visit us like almost a year ago and brought tripas. In Portuguese it literally means “tripe”. We, as a culture, are excellent at naming desserts like, Serradura, also known a Sawdust pudding or Touchino do Ceu, which I’ve translated as “Almond Cake” but actually means “Bacon from heaven”. Really though? What the fuck about that cake looks or tastes like bacon? OK people.
Same with this dessert, I think the idea behind it, is because it’s tan and folded with a waffle texture pressed into it… I suppose it almost looks like tripe… but really? O.K.
They’re usually stuffed with chocolate and topped with cinnamon, so who am I to complain?!?!?!

She’s just a pretty girl and I love her. 😘

Post coming soon! Love you all always! 💋


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