About Me {Wait somebody cares??}

Wait, you’re here already? Wait, hold on a moment, I just have to–

Aw crap, okay, whatever no use now. Welcome to the about me, or rather the ramblings page.

I’m the elusive nutmeg. I enjoy making butters, producing essential oils, and being sexually indistinguishable from males or females of the same species.

Oh wait. You meant me as the person and not the plant. Okay, ahem, well. be a little clearer next time.
Currently I am your average millennial with seven game consoles in my room (okay five of them are handhelds) and a strange affinity for baking poorly and calling it “rustic”.

I also am lactose intolerant and probably have a caffeine allergy that I refuse to go to the doctor for. (living on the edge here, friends)

Watch me eat cheese and drink caffeine and go down in a blaze of hot oven glory as I try to discover myself, and whatever the fuck being a “millennial” means all while crying over my hollow macarons.

Why do all of this? Because I’m that cake eating bitch.

Let’s be friends with benefits. I promise to only get a little clingy after the 5th date. Hit me up at nutmegandwhiskey@gmail.com


16 thoughts on “About Me {Wait somebody cares??}

  1. i just came across your blog.you have made me laugh today.noone can do that.it will sound pathetic soppy and stupid but you made me laugh.i dont laugh or smile ever.being an ill wanker does that to me..hey ho.it takes one person though it seems to make me have a slightly different day.today youve been that person.thanksyou.i am now following you and cant wait for more updates.take care

    • Oh my god! Yes! Be soppy! Be corny! There’s never enough corny and soppiness in this world. You are so freaking nice, I’m going to drop dead.
      I’m beyond pleased I made you happy. Like no, for real. I made your day? Shit you made my day too! ❀

    • Oh my gosh wait!!! I just saw this comment! (I downloaded the wordpress app for the first time and clearly I’m a banana space brain)

      You’re so incredibly sweet and darling!! I’ll have to figure out how to do this today! If I had known about this I would have nominated you too!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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