Mini blueberry cheesecakes


Sorry if it appears that I’ve been gone for 600 years. My life was actually busy for once!!

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Christmas Sappiness — Eggnog Cranberry Rum Cheesecake

 photo 33 e1 copy_zpsu7esu5mq.jpg

I like to view myself as a little duckling hatching in relation with learning how to work in an office — a real office in Manhattan, no less.

Think of it this way: I went from working as a waitress, doing paperwork for the family business, retail (still currently there, ugh), and things of the sort. I mean, I majored in small business in school! I went through 4 years of college education thinking I would NEVER be caught dead in an office.

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I like it (almost) raw, baby — Strawberry-Blueberry Raw Vegan Cheesecake

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So I went out drinking last saturday. (Is this ever a surprise anymore??) But this time I went out to NYC with Whiskey! I haven’t really gone out too much in NYC, and this was also the first time we went out together as sisters. Aaaand it was fun! Except not really, because it was kind of hard for me to get my honey hunting game on with my sister and all of her friends watching me make out with strangers, no less.

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The (lazy) Grad Gift — Triple Chocolate Cheesecake & Salted Caramel Sauce

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Life Hack: Tell all of your friends you can bake, by generously humblebragging on all of your social media websites with your one-trick pony shots of close ups of food. This is how you get out of buying people presents.

I’m probably a bad a person. I mean hey, I don’t exactly have the best moral compass since I developed a crush on Scar from the Lion King at a tender age. I knew there had to be something wrong with me. Thanks Jeremy Irons.

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