Food with Faces ♡♡♡

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Hello friends!

Slowly, I am catching up with things around here. Some dusting and editing are being done to some posts in order to make a more cohesive post. My brain is like a scattered banana being mashed and occasionally my writing reflects that… so it’s high time to change things~

Posts have been late due to recently taking the GRE. My plan is… drum roll… to apply for Grad School! After the shenanigans of my previous job, I figured now is about as good of a time as any.

Who knows if I’ll get in? I’m sliding applications to a lot of far-flung schools in order of increasing my chances. I’ll have to move possibly out of state, which would be an adventure in and of itself.

In the middle of the past year’s transpired events, my last phone got stuck in a boot loop. Verizon pushed an update during the night to my Samsung that, for reasons unexplained, didn’t properly install. I went through the whole troubleshooting bit, where I had to press all of the keys to open up this boot menu where I tried to force the update to finish.

Plot Twist: my phone never connected to my laptop. The previous phone I had just didn’t support a connection with a Windows 10 install. This malfunction happened randomly and some users were affected by it. Guess who else was! This bitch!!!

Unceremoniously my phone died. I took it to several different IT shops where they tried to override my phone’s refusal to connect, only to end up with nothing done. They did everything they could, and I thank them all for it.

A phone dying usually is not a big deal. Most people have all of their stuff backed up to the cloud.

I do not. I never connected my information to Google, because like whatever Google. Stop being a clingy boyfriend. You don’t gotta know everything I fucking do. ✋👋

This has all been mentioned before in a previous post but I figured, New Year, New Update. 😎

Originally, when I worked in NYC, I would scrimp and save money by bringing in my own lunches or buying one sandwich and eating only half with some soup from home. Like most people my age, my job paid too poorly for me to move out of my parents’ house, so I had to commute daily. Even with all of the penny-pinching in the world, I still couldn’t hold down a lot of money from my job, because commuting is expensive. Many thrifty days were had just to cover my commuting costs … except when Urbanspace was in town. 😎

I ended up having quite a few lunches from them, (spending less than 10 dollars per day) but lost almost all of my photos. What I have left was too little to center a food review post around, so I combined it with some photos of I took of food I ate in Princeton around the same time to create this post.

Welcome to food with faces! (technically it’s part two)

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Look at these little deep fried cuties. 😍
 photo 7_e1_zpsr9fccaxu.jpg

Side note: if you’re curious about the insides, I wanna say it was this… chicken-rice-alfredo filling? I probably liked it because I’m a lactose intolerant glutton that loves eating cheese and sobbing in the bathroom.

 photo 10_e1_zps7lbgluvy.jpg
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Don’t get between me and a bowl of delicious porky ramen. 😍😘🐖
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Don’t you guys know I’m like super duper artsy~*~*~ xoxoxoxo~~*~~*~**~*~~**~*~*

I gotta admit, as much as I greatly disliked all of my coworkers, boss, work, etc, the damn office had some great natural lighting, even if the inside was filled with my fever nightmares.

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Still working on catching up with backlogged posts! I have about 4 more left, and once those are done the pictures will be upgraded with my new phone camera!!. 📸📸📸 Take a fucking snap, babes. 😂


I’m not really a fan of ghosting, but here I am, ghosting on my blog. Anytime I’m single, I try to rationalize my ghosting on boys by telling myself that they do it to me, so why not just stop caring, right? I mean, strangers don’t typically go out of their way to help you… right?

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Oh The Times They Are A Changin’

Okay, I’m gonna drop the pretense here and tell you straight up the only reason I even know that song is because I watched Watchmen.

I just had to air it out, you know? Don’t want you to think I’m some cool, short fashionable brunette with browline glasses who reads poetry and carries around a notebook in her purse to write her personal thoughts along with article ideas to pitch one day to the New York Times.

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I’ve won an award?? — The Liebster Award!

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Guys! I’ve been nominated for an award! It’s the Liebster Award, which is given to the coolest of your blog friends. 😎😎 Let me tell you, it feels pretty awesome to be part of the Coolio Crowd.

I actually had to look up what exactly “liebster” meant. I first read it as “lie-bster” so I figured “a person who… lies much???? Is that me??? I mean lol yeah.” ok no not really.

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The $160,000 piece of paper

Okay. So this is mostly supposed to be a baking blog, and I’ve told my self that I technically shouldn’t be posting about me and my problems, but about my glorious misadventures in burning down the house baking.

Except, fuck it. It’s my blog, and WE’RE GONNA CELEBRATE BABY.

As I was doing paperwork for my father as a meager attempt to justify the spending money given to me by my parents (I’m a “millennial remember? I’m supposed to be lazy and ungrateful) my father comes in waving a huge envelope shaped suspiciously like a diploma.

“Uh, ah dunno”

It is delivered to my hands, rain-stained and beautiful in it’s casing with my school logo emblazoned and my name on a mailing sticker.
I quickly tear open the package and free my diploma from its confinement.

In it’s glorious fucking majesty there laid my diploma in my hands. PROOF that I am smart enough to at least get a low paying job somewhere from bullshitting 60 page business reports.
It was the most beautiful thing I have seen all day.

so beauty
I will never be as good as hyperbole & a half. tears


The first cup of tea

How does somebody even start a blog? I ruminated in these thoughts for months, and (hey let’s be real, actually years) and decided for no reason other than “hey, I’m a recent college grad, and I’m sitting in my panties with nothing to do, fuck it, lets start a blog.”

And that’s it. That’s how we’re here.

Stay tuned for the realist food blog ever. Or well, any kind of blog, actually.

So come into my parent’s house (ahem) my house, sit yourself down, and drink some decaffeinated black tea with me, because I totally have an undiagnosed caffeine allergy or something.