Desserts that snuggle yo’ mouth — Wine Poached Pears

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Sometimes I like to get a little fancy too, ya know. It’s not all sweatpants and crying you know!!! Sometimes I do cute shit JUST BECAUSE.

Or because my grandparents were arriving from the land of olive trees and constant government shutdowns (No, no Greece, Portugal). Or that my mother pressured me into baking something. I mean hey, details, details.

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Gettin’ on my morning drank — Strawberry Mojito Paletas

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Look, I get it, summer is almost over– but lemme tell you, it’s still hot as all hell here.

I mean, I’m still wearing dresses to work here without stockings, people. Yeah I know that once labor day hits the pumpkin spice overlords take over and everybody goes ape-shit over fall shit. Well, TOO FUCKIN’ BAD GUYS IT’S HOT LETS EMBRACE IT.

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I like it (almost) raw, baby — Strawberry-Blueberry Raw Vegan Cheesecake

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So I went out drinking last saturday. (Is this ever a surprise anymore??) But this time I went out to NYC with Whiskey! I haven’t really gone out too much in NYC, and this was also the first time we went out together as sisters. Aaaand it was fun! Except not really, because it was kind of hard for me to get my honey hunting game on with my sister and all of her friends watching me make out with strangers, no less.

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